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  • Josette is smart, passionate, and committed. She puts herself in the room, every room. She cares about the right things, how to make them sharper, and how to make them real. She always pushes, and always cares. She makes a difference.

    Adam MorganAdam MorganPartner, eatbigfish
  • Prior to going into business for myself, I spent eight years at a Fortune 500 company. I have come across hundreds of facilitators. None of them hold a candle to Josette. She's hands down the best facilitator I have ever seen. Her programs are innovative, fresh, thought-provoking, and her work serves as a catalyst to spark great ideas for growth, evolution, and improvement. In a world of cookie-cutter programs and facilitators who fail to back up their claims, Josette is a breath of fresh air and will make any company better due to her professionalism, personality, and commitment to excellence.

    Doyin RichardsDoyin RichardsAuthor, activist, founder of Daddy Doin' Work

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