what people say

  • "Josette and her team brought a lot of energy and new thinking to our project. They were terrific at finding the 'hidden truths' of our situation and making sense of all the different points of view. The final deliverable they gave us wasn’t a typical 'consultant’s deck' that is pretty but useless. It was full of very actional information that we are already using to evolve our business."

  • I am genuinely shocked by how well this went. I’ve worked with Josette before and she’s always been world class when it comes to designing and facilitating immersions and ideation sessions — but I was skeptical about how well it could possibly translate to an all-digital environment. So much of the energy and alchemy in sessions like these comes from being “in the room” and it was hard to imagine replicating that on zoom. But between the technical tools she introduced us to and smart experience design — I found myself populating ideas on the “walls” with clients and teams in real time, just as we would have live. It worked just as well (and in a few ways better) than sessions I’ve done in the past. If you’re considering a session like this, I wouldn’t wait until post social distancing. This is a great way to land on tactics and strategies that can grow business now.

    Elizabeth PaulElizabeth PaulChief Strategy Officer, The Martin Agency
  • Josette was an amazing partner for our brand identity work – her ability to probe and challenge, her ability to be vulnerable, her ability to both build on ideas and distill disparate ideas into something with meaning and relevance was truly amazing. Our brand work with her not only drove us to new territory but also enabled us to rebuild our team. Our time with her was a pivotal moment in our brand's history and is reflected upon with a sense of pride, accomplishment and happiness. I highly recommend her!

    Vic NobleVic NobleCustomer Brand Director, Shire
  • Josette is an inspirational leader. Equal parts strategic and creative. She understands brands and business in a way that breathes new life into established brands and also identifies white space for new products. She is "can-do" in her approach to problem-solving and brings people to a collective place of shared vision and purpose that generates bigger, fresher solutions than any single person could do alone. I would take her up on any opportunity to work together again.

    Julie Halpin AndersonJulie Halpin AndersonCEO, Geppetto Group
  • Her workshops are engaging from the moment you enter the room, and fruitful to the very end. Her ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots and identify themes is magical. She is a master facilitator and an idea machine. She leads us to more actionable ideas than we could have imagined, and stayed on to take them all the way through to qual and quant testing. An amazing partner and so much fun!

  • I've worked with Josette on a variety of projects now, from money to food, and she's always good value, regardless of the category. She's great at ideation, a smart strategist, a good listener, and an energetic contributor to a workshop process. She can lead from the front of the room very capably, but also sit back and listen for the larger themes. Can't wait to work with her again.

    Mark BardenMark BardenPARTNER, EATBIGFISH
  • Working alongside Josette was invigorating! Josette has a strong capacity for connecting the dots in both a commercial and inspiring way, challenging pre-conceptions to go beyond the easy and expected - to deliver strongly insight led and stretchy solutions. I look forward to partnering with her again.

  • Josette's talent is unique and her approach to strategy reflects that. Combining a sharp understanding of business, true intellectual acuity, and genuine creativity, her solutions are practical and inspiring. A natural team builder, she fosters creative thinking and drives that down to action. She's always a pleasure to work with and a genuine problem solver.

  • Josette is smart, passionate, and committed. She puts herself in the room, every room. She cares about the right things, how to make them sharper, and how to make them real. She always pushes, and always cares. She makes a difference.

    Adam MorganAdam MorganPARTNER, EATBIGFISH
  • Because of her unique perspective, diverse experience, and dynamic personality, Josette is the go-to person for us to gain insight on complex situations, generate options for innovative solutions, evaluate the options, and help execute the best options effectively to get results.

    Dave Giles Dave Giles Sr. Marketing Director, Shire / Neuroscience BU
  • Josette brings years of experience and wisdom to her projects. She is careful to remain open-minded and challenge - in a productive way - strategic ideas and initiatives for the brand. She also does a great job synthesizing learning and the strategic implications. She is a great partner with her clients and works well with their agency partners. We used her once for a long-term brand strategic planning workshop, with great satisfaction. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

    Laura SchwietermanLaura SchwietermanMARKETING DIRECTOR, ALEVE
  • By far one of the most strategic thinkers I have worked with. And importantly, her ability alone to organize and frame significant amounts of learnings, synthesizing to digestible key themes and insights provides valuable competitive advantage. A seamless team member. Excellent client-facing to internal executive management. A delight to work with. Highly highly recommended.

  • Prior to going into business for myself, I spent eight years at a Fortune 500 company. I have come across hundreds of facilitators. None of them hold a candle to Josette. She's hands down the best facilitator I have ever seen. Her programs are innovative, fresh, thought-provoking, and her work serves as a catalyst to spark great ideas for growth, evolution, and improvement. In a world of cookie-cutter programs and facilitators who fail to back up their claims, Josette is a breath of fresh air and will make any company better due to her professionalism, personality, and commitment to excellence.

  • "Always work with people who are smarter than you" was great advice I was given years ago. And no one is a better example of the benefits of that approach than Josette. She brings tremendous insights to each project - balancing innovative thinking with understanding the pragmatics of business. Her presentations are smart, crisp and inspiring. Hire her!

    Jane GundellJane GundellFOUNDER, GUNDELL AND COMPANY