the business

what we offer

  • digital experience design

    digital experience design

    Workshop design and facilitation
    White board brainstorm sessions
    Large company meetings
    Digital tools and asset design for remote work environments
  • brand strategy

    brand strategy

    Brand ID / Narrative
    Communication Platforms
  • innovation


    Strategic Platforms
    Concept Writing
    Claims Articulation
  • business planning

    business planning

    Precise Key Issue Articulation
    Support Plan Development
    Tactical Ideation
  • meeting facilitation

    meeting facilitation

    Objective Setting
    Agenda Design
    Action Planning
  • purpose, values, and behaviors

    purpose, values, and behaviors

    Corporate Vision and Mission
    Distinct Value Articulation
    Specific and Actionable

how we do it

we are experts in experience design, in person and virtual. We have mastered creating engaging, interactive, and fruitful experiences for groups as small as 4 to as large as 150+

  • workshop based

    workshop based

    High degree of co-creation through workshops designed to spark imagination, mine for insights, and inspire meaningful content & ideas
  • behind the curtain

    behind the curtain

    Light touch co-creation where we work the assignment with your involvement at key points throughout the process and iterate as needed

types of workshops


igniting institutional knowledge

Collective imagining, insight mining & creation with a cast of internal players, including agency partners


leveraging fresh perspectives

Collective imagining, insight mining & creation with carefully curated brilliant brains across categories and industries


a brilliant blend of both

Collective imagining, insight mining & creation with internal and external participants

the team

the right collection of the right people coming together makes the magic happen – every single time.


When you hire catalystspark you always get me, Josette Barenholtz.

Beyond that, I build the team to best suit your needs.  I pull from a vast network of industry leading creative directors, graphic designers, innovative thinkers, subject matter experts, creative consumers, PhDs, MDs and the list goes on.

A little more about myself and some of the amazing people I often work with:

Josette Barenholtz

josette barenholtz

Josette read Adam’s bio below, and agrees that bios in the third person are kinda silly...

I enjoyed a 14 year marketing career managing big global brands. My passion has always been in the creative and strategic parts of my work. My disdain has always been in watching people revert to ‘business as usual’ (yes…the shoulds). I thrive on imagining and creating the possibilities. I am so fortunate to be able to make this the the central focus of my career. I started catalystspark 10 years ago, and it's been a thrill watching it grow, and constantly evolving our offers and methodologies.

Beyond my deep understanding of brands, innovation and people, I have been called a Master Workshop Designer and Facilitator.

I have a BS and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

I am a through and through New Yorker, having lived in four out of the five boroughs of New York City. I currently live in Manhattan.

I am crazy about theater, yoga and boxing, but the force that drives me above all else, is mothering my two daughters, Carlyn and Darah.

Adam Schorr

adam schorr

Adam has no idea why people write bios about themselves in the third person. So I’m going to just address you directly. It might sound less fancy but it’s a lot more personal. Let me know what you think.

After 16+ years as a consultant, marketer, and innovation practitioner, I went out on my own and am dedicated to helping companies be the best version possible of themselves—living their unique purpose and values in their culture and in the market. This is the perspective I bring to my work with catalystspark.

My recent consulting has focused on the intersection of brand and culture—helping companies create distinctive brands and fully activate their people to bring those brands to life. I’ve partnered with senior executives at leading companies such as IBM, Hyatt, JetBlue, Celgene, and MetLife, to codify company purpose, values, behaviors, and vision; define brand identity and strategy; design leadership development and workforce engagement programs; and shift mindsets and behaviors to fuel brand, culture and performance.

I began my career at McKinsey & Company, consulting on strategy and organizational change. I worked at Pfizer as a brand manager on Sudafed, Listerine, and Efferdent, and at J&J to build a new innovation capability and unlock non-traditional revenue streams. I’ve got a BA in Speech & Drama from Yeshiva University, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Chicago.

In addition to my professional passions, I am an avid craft beer lover, home brewer, father of three, and I enjoy some quiet reading time when I can get it.

Annabel Acton

annabel acton

Annabel Acton (Bella) is an innovation addict and entrepreneur on a quest to keep it quirky. And to that end will also now move into the first person...

I have worked as a brand, marketing and innovation consultant for 10 years. I have partnered with some of the world’s largest companies; helping to reinvent their brands, shape their innovation pipelines and shake up their company culture. I love challenging conventions, questioning things and scouring for inspiration – and am still a little surprised that I've made a career out of it. Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and LA are all homes of sorts, and with 60 countries under my belt, I bring a global perspective to my thinking.

I am an entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of the quirky company Never Liked It Anyway – a place to sell all things you’re left with at the end of a relationship (yes, seriously). I'm highly involved in the startup scene and help early stage companies sharpen their vision, articulate their business plan and attract investment. I also write for Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc. and more, about all these things. I am at my best with a flipchart, sharpies and a room full of strangers.

I would do anything for gelato and also love haiku, rock climbing and dogs. Not in that order.

ayelet schorr

Hey, I’m Ayelet! I’m fresh out of Barnard College where I received a BA in Psychology with a minor in English Literature.

I am fascinated by human behavior. I studied it through an analytical lens in my psychology coursework and a more qualitative one in my study of literature. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about humans. How we think, how we feel, and what drives us.

I have been lucky to be able to pursue this mode of thinking in several interesting internships. At Gundell & Co., I learned how brands can tap into the way consumers perceive them in order to maximize the effect of their marketing campaigns.

At August Leadership, an executive search firm, I learned the power of great talent, great leadership, and great culture to drive success. Business success so often comes down to understanding people and empowering them to succeed.

At Rule No. 1, I am learning about the power of purpose and values to drive businesses to be the best versions of themselves possible.

Having just gotten engaged, I spend most of my free time compulsively scrolling through Pinterest to nail down my wedding aesthetic.

Chad Hendricks

chad hendricks

Chad is a producer / designer / maker who believes an idea is only as good as its execution.

Over the past six years I’ve helped teams design inspiring, provoking, and challenging strategy-led materials for leaders of organizations, governments, and celebrities.

I’ve grown mastery in many media but find my groove when connecting people and unlocking their ability to do their best work. Whether it be a multi-year, multi-track engagement, or a quick sprint with many moving parts, I never sacrifice the attention to detail required to deliver quality work.

I live one foot in analog and one in digital, and find the best results often mix the two. Whether that be a 35mm slide presentation being presented to tell the story of America on a yacht, or a printed art installation on the top of a mountain to greet unexpecting hikers after a long hike, I work to find the medium and the design solution that will be the most effective for the audience.

I love to travel and immerse myself fully in local culture. I’m also an avid photographer—I especially love to photograph birds and landscapes.

Jon Minor

jon minor

Jon supports catalystspark in a number of roles – overseeing critical elements of our events with seasoned expertise, efficiency, and flexibility. He applies high-level organization and management to each project, contributing creativity to solutions within parameters.

As project manager, he specializes in creating positive, productive relationships with participants. His problem-solving and negotiation talents along with the ability to handle a variety of assignments concurrently make him an agile team member. He also assists in visual design, creating and producing event materials, and transcribing key notes and ideas into accurate and professional end-documentation.

After spending time in Milwaukee, San Francisco and Brooklyn, he's happy as hell to be back on the West Coast living in Portland - taking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Jon doesn't have an issue with writing about himself in the third person.

  • By far one of the most strategic thinkers I have worked with. And importantly, her ability alone to organize and frame significant amounts of learnings, synthesizing to digestible key themes and insights provides valuable competitive advantage. A seamless team member. Excellent client-facing to internal executive management. A delight to work with. Highly highly recommend.

    Pamela StewartPamela StewartDirector, Shire Global Market Research
  • "Always work with people who are smarter than you" was great advice I was given years ago. And no one is a better example of the benefits of that approach than Josette. She brings tremendous insights to each project - balancing innovative thinking with understanding the pragmatics of business. Her presentations are smart, crisp and inspiring. Hire her!

    Jane GundellJane GundellFounder, Gundell and Company
  • Her workshops are engaging from the moment you enter the room, and fruitful to the very end. Her ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots and identify themes is magical. She is a master facilitator and an idea machine. She leads us to more actionable ideas than we could have imagined, and stayed on to take them all the way through to qual and quant testing. An amazing partner and so much fun!

    Stephanie BerezStephanie BerezGroup Product Manager, Trojan Global New Products Innovation

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