the story

the magic happens beyond the ‘should’ – i truly believe that at the core – in business and in life



“you should stay the course, you’ve invested so much time”
or I could change my course and…


It’s hard to make a move once inertia kicks in, especially when things are going well. That said, it became clear to me that I was sitting on the wrong side of the table when my career highs were always associated with the work I did with my strategic and creative agency partners. The feedback from my CMO confirmed it; “you are off the charts on strategic thinking and creativity, but the organization is just not set up to reward for that.” (I loosely quote)

I started this business after a successful 14+ years working on the client side managing global brands like Marlboro, Revlon, Trident and Dentyne. I worked on every aspect of brand management and innovation from birthing new to world brands and products to breathing life into ones on the decline. I have an undying appreciation and understanding of commercial imperatives and organizational realities.

I love what I do. My immersion into your brand or project might surprise you. It will inspire you.

I am proud of catalystspark’s 10 year track record. I am constantly refining my offerings, re-imagining and pushing for what could be done.

welcome to catalystspark

my driving beliefs

(well, at least some of them…)

  • ask what could be – not what should be

  • do what's best – not what's easiest

  • ask the hard questions

  • cut the bullshit

  • simplify

  • don't be afraid

  • be who you are

  • from discomfort comes genius

  • conviction breeds success

  • magic happens when the right people come together

  • have fun and love what you do

  • laugh – A LOT

a few things I can’t stand…

  • overuse of 'insight'

    real insights are precious and rare – it’s a gift to be able to truly identify them
  • always trying to put a positive spin on things

    sometimes it’s just a negative reality
  • long story short

    if it’s a good story – and it ought to be if you’re telling it – i prefer short story long
  • 'should'

    it feels resigned and devoid of possibilities – it has its place – but not at the beginning
  • the you you bring to work

    if it’s not the same as the you you are at home
  • dulling the sharp edges of great ideas

    it may make them less risky – but they also won’t cut through

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