a simple equation

Am I missing something? I have sat through enough workshops and client meetings where I hear the same justification for falling back to familiar ideas and actions… “we are risk averse”.

Actually I would argue, by not taking bold action, you are the opposite, you are being super risky. Here is how I see it…

By the time you are working with me, it is likely that you either need to do something to improve your current business situation or, on the rare occasion, to reinforce strong performance. In any case, you can all agree doing nothing, or the same ole same ole, will result in declines (or if you are lucky, stagnation).

So, simply put:

Do the same: Result – Decline. Odds – 100%

Do something different: Result – Chances of failure, let’s say 90% (more likely 50/50 but I’m being conservative). Leaving a 10% chance that something amazing will happen.

So what are the better odds, 100% chance of decline OR 10% change of spectacular results?

I know where I’d place my bets…